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ANNOUNCEMENT: Uniform Addressing Project Continuing in Spring, Summer 2019

The 12 municipalities of Berlin, Bern, Brighton, Halsey, Hamburg, Holton, Hull, Johnson, Rib Falls, Rietbrock, Spencer (town) and Stettin will receive new Uniform Addresses throughout spring and summer 2019. Citizens, business owners, and landowners in those municipalities should continue to use their current address (for driver license renewals, check re-ordering, etc.) until they receive an Official Notice of address change from the County next year. For public safety reasons, new addresses cannot be released to the public before then.

Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing project paused temporarily beginning in November 2018, when snow and frozen ground prohibited the installation of any more street and address signposts. The project resumed in May 2019. As of November 2018, nearly 15,000 new Uniform Addresses had been installed in Marathon County as part of a public safety project to transition to a grid-based, Uniform Addressing System.

Updating or Using Your New Address Online 

When your Uniform Address sign is installed, your new address will already have been updated with the national United States Postal Service (USPS) database. Many companies and online businesses access USPS data through a third-party vendor that issues updates on its own schedule. This may cause a delay in your new address being updated or verified by some companies, utilities, or online businesses. 

AFTER your new address sign is installed, if you’re doing online banking — or using a credit card for an online purchase or payment — and you have problems with your new address being recognized or accepted, simply use your old address until the company updates its customer address list to match the USPS database.

stallation Progress Map 


View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) webpage for answers to common questions about the Uniform Addressing project.

Check out our Documents webpage for downloadable Quick Reference Guides for residents and business owners.

Visit our Assistance webpage for details on in-person, live chat, and phone support for the Uniform Addressing project (provided by Marathon County Public Library staff), educational programs, and more.

If you still have questions after viewing our webpages, please contact the Marathon County Conservation, Planning, & Zoning (CPZ) Department at 715-261-6000 or

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2018-11-07 Voting & Uniform Addressing: Poll Workers to Have Cross-Reference Book of Old/New Addresses to Assist with Voter ID on Election Day
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2018-07-12 Corrected Official Notices Will Be Mailed to Town of Texas & Town of Wausau Property Owners in July
2018-06-11 Rib Mountain Participation in Uniform Addressing Project Remains On Hold
2018-04-04 Uniform Addressing Project Delayed Due to April Snowstorms
2018-03-29 Media Coverage: Marathon County Uniform Addressing Transition Begins (WSAW)
2018-03-20 Uniform Addressing Project to Begin in Eastern Marathon County on April 9
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2018-01-15 Participating Municipalities to Receive Postcard Update in January 2018
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