Marathon County Uniform Addressing

Uniform Addressing: Update

NEW! Read this article by Preston Vande Voort about the status of the Uniform Addressing project in Marathon County as of November 2017.

911 dispatcher

Uniform Addressing: The Right Call

Read this article by Sheriff Scott Parks about the importance of having a standardized, county-wide addressing system to help emergency personnel reach people who need help.

Uniform addressing implementation

In February 2016, the Marathon County Board adopted policy to implement a uniform addressing system. What this means is that instead of the current ten rural address grids, there will be a uniform grid. (Read the ordinance.) Uniform addressing will enable public agencies, especially emergency services, to provide the right service to the right place at the right time.

Proposed Uniform Addressing Grid

In response to concerns from local municipalities regarding the financial implications of the proposed uniform addressing system policy, Marathon County has elected to pay $1.2 million to cover the cost of the uniform addressing system.

Addressing Status

Town participation is required because Marathon County has jurisdiction over addressing in unincorporated areas. Marathon County has offered its villages and cities an opportunity to participate in the new addressing system to promote the strategic goal of being the safest county in Wisconsin.

Implementation Timeline

Uniform Addressing 2016-2018 Timeline

Road Renaming Maps

Use the following links (or click here) to see which roads your community will need to rename. Please note: Roads that traverse through adjacent counties and/or non-participating municipalities need further discussion.

Bergen Cleveland Frankfort Harrison   Reid Stettin
Berlin Day Franzen Hewitt Marathon Rib Falls Texas
Bern Easton Green Valley Holton McMillan Rib Mountain Wausau (town)
Bevent Eau Pleine Guenther Hull Mosinee (town) Rietbrock Weston (town)
Brighton Elderon (town) Halsey Johnson Norrie Ringle Wien
Cassel Emmet Hamburg Knowlton Plover Spencer (town)  


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