Marathon County Uniform Addressing

Will I be able to match an old address to the new one?


However, we do not release any addresses to the public until Official Notices are mailed to affected residents, landowners, and business owners in each municipality. These Official Notices are mailed a few weeks before scheduled installation or delivery of a new address sign.

Following each batch of Official Notice mailings, the County posts cross-reference spreadsheets of the old/new addresses to the Maps page. Additional address cross-reference tables will be uploaded to the Maps page of this website as the Uniform Addressing project progresses, so we encourage you to check back periodically for updates.

If you're a business that can utilize address ranges (e.g., delivery drivers), you may download an Excel file for 15 participating Eastern towns and the Village of Elderon and the Address Range Data File for the 15 towns & the Village of Stratford in the Southwest Quadrant of the County.

Will I be able to match an old address to the new one?