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2018-02-06: Old vs. New Road Name List Updated (February 2018)

Marathon County CPZ

Please check the updated list of new road names. Not all new road names were included on the previous list posted on this site — only those new road names that were submitted by municipalities. So, if you've checked the list of new road names before and didn't see your road name on it, you may wish to check again.

You can view the Road Name List (updated 2-6-18 and again 2-14-18) for a listing of road names (sorted by municipality) that will be changing in 2018 due to the Uniform Addressing project. 

NOTE: The road-renaming part of the project is done; road names can no longer be changed. Local input on roads took place in April 2017. If you have concerns or questions about your road name, you may contact your local Town or Village official.

Please view the 2018 Uniform Addressing Road Name Maps (below) for a visual reference — especially for those roads divided and renamed to be two or more different road names now.   

2018 Uniform Addressing Road Name Maps

(Select a municipality below to view a map with new road names assigned.)

Bergen Berlin Bern Bevent Brighton Cassel
Cleveland Day Easton Eau Pleine Elderon (town) Elderon (village)
Emmet Frankfort Franzen Green Valley Guenther Halsey
Hamburg Harrison Hewitt Holton Hull Johnson
Knowlton Marathon (town) McMillan Mosinee (town) Norrie Plover
Reid Rib Falls Rib Mountain Rietbrock Ringle Spencer (town)
Stettin Stratford (village) Texas Wausau (town) Weston (town) Wien

NOTE: Roads that traverse through adjacent counties and/or non-participating municipalities need further discussion.

Old vs. New Road Name List Updated (February 2018)