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2018-04-04: Uniform Addressing Project Delayed Due to April Snowstorms

Marathon County CPZ

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With winter deciding to stick around awhile yet in Central Wisconsin, Marathon County has been forced to officially delay the start of its Uniform Addressing project.

Workers from Lange Enterprises cannot install the posts for the new address and road-name signs in frozen ground.

As such, the original April 9 start date will be postponed for at least 1 to 2 weeks, depending on ground conditions.

After the ground thaws, the Uniform Address sign-installation process will begin with properties on the eastern side of the County — starting with the Towns of Harrison and Plover — and Lange’s crews will work their way west, providing new addresses to the 41 Marathon County towns and villages participating in the project. (View our Maps page for details.)

When able, Diggers Hotline’s contracted crews will spray-paint lines on affected properties to mark utility service lines buried underground so Lange Workers know where it’s safe to dig. Property owners will NOT have to be home for this marking or for the address sign installation.

Residents and businesses in the western part of the County are not scheduled for sign installation until several months from now, with the project culminating in the Towns of Berlin and Stettin around November, barring no further delays.

The Marathon County Public Library system is available to assist residents in person (or via phone at 715-261-7230) with updating their personal information to their new Uniform Address.

Residents and businesses should continue to visit to view:

• Updates

• Helpful address-change checklists

• Installation status/progress maps

• Cross-reference tables of old vs. new addresses (to assist with updating customer databases, client mailing lists)

• …and more.

Uniform Addressing Project Delayed Due to April Snowstorms